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Rehearsing at The Rose!

on September 29, 2014

Howdy Y’all!

My first post coming from Nebraska! It is currently my second week of rehearsal and I am loving the cast and crew of this show. Seriously, there is not a bad person in the bunch- which is a good thing since we will be spending a ton of time with each other. Our director, Graham, is this cheeky British man who is an absolute gem. He is funny and really gives us fun choices to play with even though he is trying to recreate the same blocking and feel of the original production, which he directed at The Rose last season. He rides a fine line between recreating what worked with the first cast and allowing us to shape the show into something that is truly all our own. It is going beautifully and I have no complaints!

The rehearsals have been going so well, in fact, that we our 8 hour Saturday rehearsal was shortened to 5 hours on Friday and then shortened again on Saturday to only 2 1/2 hours! Brilliant! We just have been whizzing through the script and even though we were asked to be off book by Saturday, most of us have been working without our scripts for the majority of rehearsals. I am so happy that this cast is on their game. We are also going to start beginning our rehearsals at 10 as opposed to 9 which is also a nice bonus.

As for the house, it is GORGEOUS! And humungous. We are staying on the Metropolitan Community College Fort Omaha campus in a big 3 story house they rent out. The houses rooms are huge. I have felt really comfortable living in the area and have been digging the beautiful views from our porch.



Our Porch

The surrounding area is also pretty accessible. A short hop on the highway brings us to the theatre and downtown. Speaking of the theater, The Rose is freaking amazing. The theater itself is grand and huge and full of spectacle. The stage is quite large and the proscenium is super traditional. It is made to look like the stage goes right into the sky. The house seats about a thousand and has a balcony and a mezzanine. It is truly an incredible stage.


We, however, are rehearsing in the Hitchcock Black Box Theater since the stage is being used by the mainstage production of Cat in the Hat. That space is also great, since we might not always be on huge stages while touring. It is just big enough to hold our imaginary set with plenty of room for play.


Did I mention I had to learn to skateboard?

This past weekend, we had our first full day off. On Saturday, after rehearsal, a bunch of us went to Oktoberfest. It was super crowded but the beer and music definitely made up for it. A bunch of people who work at The Rose were also there so we had a nice posse to chill with. Overall, it was a great time. I even drank some beer which I haven’t really done in the past year, and I have no regrets.


Madeline (Lilly) and me at Oktoberfest!

Yesterday, our full day off, the whole cast and SM went to the Omaha Zoo which is about 10 minutes away from our house. Ohmygod I LOVE ZOOS! And that zoo is by far one of the nicest I’ve been to. It is clean and the exhibits are all really interesting and they recreate habitats in buildings. One of my favorite parts was an exhibit that was underneath the Biodome. It was all about creatures of the night. They recreated a cave which you could walk through and bats were flying around. There were snakes and other reptiles in displays, which I was thankful for (no snakes out in the open for me!). My favorite part about it was the Swamp exhibit. You actually walked through a darkly lit faux swamp that had huge crocs and gators strewn about. You walked on these bridges and were definitely safe, but it felt a little terrifying at the time!   




Monkeying Around

So that’s all for now! All of the beautiful pictures were taken my friend and castmate Timothy Regan, so I can’t take credit for those! Plus, if you know me, you know I rarely take pictures myself (though I did take a ton at the zoo!). I’m off to rehearsal and whatnot. Oooo and a little secret- I will be driving the box truck on the tour! The only girl to do so. Yahoo!



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