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Finishing the Hat! Rehearsals, Trucking, and Loving on these Crazies

on October 7, 2014

Howdy! Long time no talk. We have been in the trenches rehearsing our butts off, and let me tell you, it has certainly paid off! We are coming up on our tech week and we are super prepared. Our show is in really good shape so hopefully the new elements introduced this week will run smoothly.

Our director, Graham, gave us a great pep talk after our first run today. He said that we are all really prepared and ready for tech but we still have work to do. He reminded us that we are performing for impressionable kids and that we really have to take our roles seriously. He also said that our show is special because it straddles the line between reality and fantasy, swaying back and forth. Since we are so prepared, we also have to make sure not to make our acting choices too “big”. As an actor, it can be really difficult to rehearse or perform a show over and over again and not get a little bit bored. When actors get bored, we often times make outlandish acting choices to spice up our performance. This can be okay as long as the integrity of the show stays the same. Even now, in rehearsals, we sometimes find ourselves doing this by accident because, well, we have been rehearsing a ton. That little reminder, however, really brought us back to earth and our second run was absolutely fantastic. I think I can speak for our whole cast in saying that we all kicked major tush this afternoon and felt better than we ever have running the show.

So in short, our director Graham is fantabulous. In other news, I drove the box truck last week! A big, hardy, 24 foot box truck. It isn’t the actual truck we will be using on tour but it was still useful to drive it around town. Our actual truch will be 2 feet longer and 5 feet higher! My parents are thrilled. I would be lying if I said I didn’t love the fact that I am the only girl driving the truck. I revel in knowing that I can hang with the boys, which is that little feminist inside of me. Anything you can do, I can do better! Or, at least equally. I drove the big truck with as much ease as you can expect from a beginner AND I even backed it up to a loading dock perfectly. My teacher, our TD, was thoroughly impressed with my ballsy attitude. I also didn’t hit any curbs which is pretty cool.


We also got our makeup plots yesterday and they are SUPER DUPER EASY. And wonderful. Very basic, natural makeup which is awesome. The makeup designer was really nice (I didn’t catch her name but she rocked) and she even told me that if the makeup the Rose provided irritated my skin, I was welcome to use my own stuff, which is great since I have uber sensitve skin. I also asked if I could have a bright pink lipstick for my character and she happily obliged. She even commented that when the Rose did Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse my character, Garland was garrishly made up and she gave me the lipstick that was used in that first production. I mean, my character is pretty much a pageant queen a la toddlers in tiaras. Now I just need to find my cupcake dress and flippers…

Also this awesome makeup artist had an adorable little baby chihuahua. I remember his name because it was Elvis. How could you forget a pup named Elvis???


Me and Elvis. Of course I had to hold him!


Garrishly Garland.

This past weekend was another great one with the cast. I know I sound like a broken record but everyone here is freaking awesome. We went to this awesome sushi place in the Old Market and had a grand old time. I had a jalapeno cucumber margarita which really put my meal over the edge. We, of course, ended the eve with ice cream from Ted&Wally’s which is ALWAYS worth the calories. I had two kick ass icecream flavors, Caramel Pecan Pie and Maple Walnut. Also HELLOOOOO FALL!


After Dinner..Casually posing with a Bull Sculpture. Ignore my Awkward Broken-Looking Leg.

I also want to mention that I totally read Gone Girl over the last week and finished it last night. Zomg. We are seeing the movie tonight. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have mixed feelings about it, but I will save that for a book/movie review post I’ll be writing after I see the movie! I know it’s random and totally not what this blog was intended to be about but I’m all Honey Badger about it, I do what I want!

Also, I literally just heard our director, Graham is coming to the movies with us tonight. Have I told you how awesome this Brit is?

I intended this post to originally be about my fellow castmates and stage manager but then I was all like meh, but now I am all hmmmmm. I definitely want to write all my horrible feelings about them…JUST KIDDING! A bunch of them actually are reading the blog which is super awesome and very kind of them. Some of them were wary of me using their names which is sort of funny since I am sure there aren’t many people who actually read this blog besides my mother (HI MOM!) but I can understand their concern. This whole name thing led to an incredibly hilarious conversation in the living room about what I could call people in the blog, as their aliases or codenames, if you will. One wanted to be named Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time, which I am not familiar with, which made me look like a pariah. Another wanted to be named Jack something from The Nightmare Before Christmas which I also haven’t seen, which sparked more witty banter. Let’s just say some of them do not respect my taste in TV & Movies anymore. That’s okay. I’m more of a Nashville girl than Adventure Time anyway! Let the teasing begin!

So I guess this is it for now. I have to go roast some chicken drumsticks before we skidaddle to the movies. If you’ve made it all the way down to the bottom of the page, good for you! I appreciate it. Seriously though. You rock.
P.S. I am writing in my schedule that I will post tomorrow. So I will! No more lazy blogging.



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