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Ease on Down, Ease on Down the Road!

on October 15, 2014

Hello there!!!

Hope you have had a fantastic week. I have so much to catch y’all up on. Currently, we are driving from Illinois all the way to West Virginia and I am typing this up in our van. I am surprised and happy to say that I have yet to regurgitate my breakfast. Let’s keep this theme going, shall we?

So, when I last left you, we were gearing up for a week of tech. We actually teched in a different venue since the Rose was being used for Cat in the Hat. We went to the Jewish Community Center about 30 minutes from our house to tech. The stage was actually tinier than what we will normally encounter on the road, but for all intensive purposes, it worked for tech just fine. This tech was by far the easiest tech I have ever done. EVER! It was so easy, in part, because our team is so focused, but mostly the credit should go to our stage manager David, as well as our
lighting/sound designer Kyle. They did a paper tech before us (the actors) even got into the space, so when we were added to the mix, we just had to tweak a few moments with the technical elements. The show itself is also simplistic, in the sense that all of the moving periaktoi are moved by the actors, and it is just an easy turn.  There is nothing flying in which also makes tech nice and easy.


Garland and Lilly Cheesing!


Garland's Chair, obvs


I would say the most difficult part of tech was adding in the costumes since all of the characters, besides Lilly, make quick costume changes at some point or another. The actors playing Garland (me), Mother, and Father, have the majority of changes which are often only seconds. The actor playing the Mother actually has 11 total quick changes. I myself, only have 4, however my one quick change from Garland to Grammy is crazy tight, mostly because I have to do a pretty heavy set change and then have to put on a dress, blazer, glasses, AND change wigs. The wig change is by far the hardest part of the whole thing because nobody is on stage left during my change so I often have no idea if my wig is on correctly. Also, have you ever tried putting glasses on when you have a wig cap and wig on. Easier said than done. Despite all of this craziness, we all only needed one dress rehearsal to figure out and solidify all our changes. So, in turn tech was super duper easy and successful!

This past Friday, we had our first audience which consisted of fifty pre-schoolers. It was great to have an audience and I think they really enjoyed it. At first, they were really quiet which made me think “Oh no! They are bored,”. But what I realized as the show went on is that they were being quiet because they were REALLY listening. I mean, they were totally on board. That age group, when they are trying to listen or follow a story, they get nice and quiet. At one point, my friend Madeline, who plays Lilly, took the “Uncooperative Chair” to give herself a punishment, a little boy in the audience gasped loudly as if saying “OH NO!”. He really understood the seriousness of that chair. It’s moments like this that make our job incredible. At one point, when my character Garland had to kiss Lilly’s baby brother Julius, I made a disgusted face and some little one in the audience went “yuck!”. The audience really gave us some perspective and helped us realize which jokes will land with the kids and which ones will land with the adults that come to see the show.

On Saturday, we had our last dress rehearsal and then packed the truck so it would be ready to go on Tuesday morning. We had the rest of the night off, so went to an attraction called Haunted Hollows for a little spooky rendezvous. It was a huge piece of land that had different Halloween themed houses on it. There was the main house, which was three stories of “terror”. Let me preface this by saying I am a scaredy cat that loves to be scared. I get a huge rush of fear and adrenline that makes me feel both terrified and also excited. It’s the same reason I love and also am terrified of things like cliff jumping. I am an adrenline junky that is crazy scared half the time. But that just makes me feel that much more exhilarated when I’m done.

Tangent complete. Back to Haunted Hollows. So, the main house was supposed to be 3 stories of crazy scariness and whatnot, but it was a bit disappointing, and that’s coming from a lady that gets spooked if someone approaches me from behind to fast. I scare easily and that haunted house wasn’t that scary. There was a few moments when my friend Regan (who plays the Father track) grabbed onto me for safett and in turn, I clung to Saladin (who plays Chester) because I too was spooked! But generally, it wasn’t very scary. I like to be really scared. So I was a bit upset. There was one farm house that was full of hay where I got super scared. It was pitch dark and a guy with a chain saw surprised me by jumping on the bale in front of me, revving the saw. I jumped and almost went into the fetal position. My friends found my mini heart attack hilarious, and I’ll admit, my reaction was pretty wonderful. The only thing that sucked is that after the guy spooked me, he was no longer scary. The element of surprise was what was scary, and that guy was the only surprise in the farm house. It would have been eons better had there been another guy waiting at the door. But there wasn’t. Perhaps they were short staffed? Also, the characters that walked around the park were few and far between. The ones who were there didn`t interact with people which is boring and again, not scary. The only ones that really were fantastic were Bubbles and Peaches the clowns. They killed it. They had chain saws and were crazy scary looking. Plus, I watch American Horror Story: Freak Show, so I already was more terrified of clowns than usual. They were scary. The rest of Haunted Hollows? Not so much.

Sunday and Monday we had days off, but the weather was dismal at best. We all spent good chunks of the day relaxing in front of the TV, with a book, or packing up for our journey. By Tuesday morning, we all were packed and off to tour through the country! Five people loaded up into the van with our luggage, while David (the SM) and I hopped into our beauty of a box truck for the first travel day. Our truck is 13.6 feet tall, 26 feet long, and weighs about 8 tons when it’s all packed with our set, costumes, props, and equipment. It’s a beast and I love it. We had approxiametely eight hours of driving which we split between the two of us, with David taking the first 4 hours from Nebraska, through Iowa and the beginning of Missouri. I finished off the drive through the majority of Missouri and Illinois. I had to drive through some inclement weather, but David said I did a great job. I was one proud lady. Nailed it!


Gearing up to drive the truck with a coffee!

The truck is actually really fun to drive. I enjoyed being away from the group for a bit, to chill out and jam out to music. David may or may not have taken a few snapchats of me jamming to some great tunes like Shake it Off and Ricky Martin’s Livin’ La Vida Loca. We also drove through St. Louis so I saw the arch from afar and we went over a really cool bridge. The majority of the driving however, was farmland. Lots and lots of farmland.


We, as in the truck, made it to the hotel before the van which is practically unheard of, but the van ran into some problems with Lila, the GPS. I think she is quite sadistic, but in the truck we just use mapquest printouts or our phones, so I don’t have to deal with her much. Anyway, they went on an unneccessary detour, so we got there and settled in about an hour before the van. Then comes the best part of the day- dinner. There is this barbeque place called Bandana’s literally across the parking lot from the hotel we stayed at, so we went there since we were all STARVING. Let me begin with saying that I love barbeque. LOVE LOVE LOVE! This place has many awards for their ribs, so I decided to go with that platter which came with 2 sides and really delicious garlic bread. I had cole slaw and potato salad as my sides, which were great, but the ribs were the star. They also make 5 different homemade sauces, which were all delicious. I liked the sweet tang of the Kansas City sauce so I used that on top of my ribs. But the ribs didn’t actually need sauce. They were incredible on their own, with great flavor, but the sauce just made them that much better. The cole slaw was really good, sweet and kind of watery (I can’t think of a better way to describe it), which is how I like it. The potato salad was different from what I am used to, but it was still good. It was really sweet, probably from relish, and very soft. I liked that it wasn’t goopy or crazy heavy on the mayo and I also liked that they used red potatos. It also was incredibly well priced for the portions and yes, I did indeed eat all of the ribs. They were just so good!



And now, we are currently driving from Illinois to West Virginia! I don’t have to drive today which I am thankful for since I can relax a bit and just enjoy the ride. We are currently in Bird’s Eye, Indiana and we just passed the town of Santa Claus about twenty minutes ago and yes, it is an actual place. With attractions like Christmas Lake. Google Maps that shiz! We will be driving through Kentucky and West Virginia later in the day so woohoo! Also, we are currently back on eastern time! Yay! Alright, that’s all for now. I will post my review(s) of Gone Girl this afternoon since I have discovered that typing in the car doesn’t make me sick- yay! Thanks for reading!



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