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Food, Glorious Food!

on January 9, 2015

So I have been meaning to do a post on how I eat on tour since it isn’t as easy as it might seem, if you want to eat healthily. I am an avid home cook and call myself a foodie, so it can be difficult to hand over all control to restaurants and fast food joints. I really really enjoy eating out, but even the healthy choices can be ridden with bad oils, excess salt, and all kinds of nasty things. Last leg I felt like crap all the time, so I vowed to be more prepared this time around, so when I can control mmy food choices, I have the resources!

I have categorized this post into three different lists. I have the food I have packed, which is all non-perishable, I have the items I buy when I can visit a grocery store (mostly perishable), and I have what I buy on the road to supplement these items. When we are traveling, we don’t always have the luxury of going to a sit-down restaurant, so all the things on the “supplement” list are all from either fast food joints, gas stations, or the continental breakfast we find at the hotels. It’s a long list, but if you are trying to stay healthy on the road, it’s worth taking a look! Also, just for context, I eat mostly paleo/primal, but I also eat similarly to the Perfect Health Diet. To cut to the chase, I eat minimally processed, whole foods when possible, with limited grains and dairy. I don’t eliminate those completely because it is nearly impossible on the road and I love dairy too much to fully give it up.

Here we go!

What I Brought

Kind Bars- So these are AWESOME. Seriously, they save my life when I am hangry (which is often). I really enjoy them because they are high in protein and fiber and low in sugar. I usually eat the sweet ones with/in place of breakfast when the pickings are slim. I really love the dark chocolate mocha almond flavor and the madagascar vanilla, but I love them all. I also suggest their new savory protein bars. The jalapeno flavor is dynamite and has 10 grams of protein! It also hits all the sweet/spicy/salty notes which is awesome.

Kind re-Nola – Also from the Kind brand, I just tried this stuff today and it is awesome. No grains, gmo ingredients, and gluten? I am so in!

Mini Sriracha Bottle- In my humble opinion, sriracha makes everything taste better. If it isn’t your thing, think about bringing a little container of your favorite seasonings on the road for those bland meals!

Starkist Tuna Packets- If you don’t mind fish, you really need to have these with you. They save my life all the time. I eat them just by themselves, or on top of a salad. They have great flavors like thai chili and lemon pepper. I will say, some of the flavored ones have more ingredients than I would like, but I really can’t live without them. So much protein in one pack!

St. Dalfour Meals- I almost don’t want to tell you about these because they are THAT GOOD. I want to keep them a secret! Okay, so I found these at Big Lots once with my mom and sister and they are AWESOME. They have all different kinds and flavors, but the kind I buy in bulk are the “Wild Salmon and Vegetables”. They are in a little can and come with a fork and a little salt packet. They are made in France and have no preservatives or artificial ingredients. The salmon kind has a generous portion of salmon, potatoes, lima beans (which I usually hate but are great in this) and carrots, in some herbed olive oil. It is so tasty and is often times a full meal for me when we stop at fast food joints. They have some vegetarian flavors as well and can be found on Amazon or

PB2- So the first leg, I just toted around a jar of peanut butter, which is also a great thing to do, but I specifically got this one to put into smoothies (I brought a mini smoothie blender this leg) and oatmeal. So far I like it since it is really lightweight and isn’t messy.

Fruit cups- I buy the grapefruit ones in juice, but obviously they come in all different varieties. I like these because at hotel continental breakfasts they usually only have bananas, apples, and oranges, so these are great when I want to switch it up. I also like them because they don’t go bad like fresh fruit but they taste just as good. I also throw them into a smoothie when I am short on fresh fruit. Make sure to buy the kinds in 100% juice with minimal ingredients.

GoGo Squeeze Applesauce- Okay, so these are silly but awesome and super portable! They have nothing but apples and water in them and they are my go to for a quick energy jolt. Plus sometimes they are just easier to eat than a whole apple while on the road.

LaraBars- Similar to Kind Bars, but much easier to eat since I have a lot of jaw tension. They come in all kinds of flavors and have great non-gmo ingredients.

Blue Diamond Mini Non-Perishable Almond Milk- These are great and super portable. I make oatmeal with them, put it into smoothies, or pour it onto some re-nola.

What I Buy at Grocery Stores

So this I am going to explain in a paragraph rather than a list. So when I go to a grocery store, I usually try to buy some perishables that I will know will last a day or two in my hotel fridge or in the van. I try to buy limited quantities since I don’t always have a good place to store them.

The prepared food/salad bars are your friends. Now, with any prepared food options, you have to be smart about your choices because Wegman’s egg salad probably isn’t any better than egg salad at a diner. But if you can get to a good grocery store like a Wegman’s, a Whole Foods, or even a co-op, you are more likely to find better choices or even ingredient lists by the products. Some of my favorite prepared food picks are any type of slaw, like a broccoli slaw that is lightly dressed, roasted veggies, or lightly sauteed green beans. These foods are great because they can be eaten at almost any temperature. I also recommend buying a whole rotisserie chicken. Sounds nutty, but a rotisserie chicken is a great source of protein and it can be used for multiple meals, eaten plain, on greens, or with whatever leftovers you might have. They are usually pretty cheap and now they even have organic ones available at some supermarkets. And if the super market has a salad bar, that is always a good, easy option. I also like to pick up some marinated mozzerella balls and dolmas (stuffed grape leaves) as snacks for the road. I also tend to grab a yogurt or two and some dried fruit like prunes and pineapple for the road.

What I Buy To Supplement

I actually prefer to stop at gas stations and convenience stores versus fast food joints when we are on the road because I find the options are more plentiful and I can get more things for my money. I can usually find some jerky at a gas station. It might not be the best option (sodium, nitrates, etc) but in a pinch, it’s a good source of protein that fills me up. I can usually find string cheese at a gas station which I like to nibble on. Also, if the gas station has hard boiled eggs, grab them! I love hard boiled eggs and most gas stations have some they either get from a nearby restaurant or they sell the ones that are in a little plastic package (which aren’t the best, but are decent). I also will grab a package of baby carrots if available and discard the dip. It isn’t the healthies in the word, but I make it work!

At a fast food place, like Mcdonald’s or Wendy’s I stick to the basics. I will usually get a plain side salad and top it with my own stuff. I always can find options at Panera or Chipotle, but my favorite run of the mill fast food place is Wendy’s. Their chili is free of most allergens and is pretty tasty. I usually get that with a sour cream and chive baked potato and I am set.

Lastly, the free continental hotel breakfasts. These can be surprisingly hard because all of the protein sources are generally pretty nasty (bagged scrambled eggs?) and all the rest of it is sugar and carbs. I will usually try to find a plain oatmeal packet and I will jazz it up with some pb and banana, or if the hard boiled eggs are edible, I will eat some of those. I tend to stay away from the breakfast meats because they are highly processed, but occasionally I will eat them if there isn’t much else.

So yeah. It is hard to eat healthy on the road. And I definitely don’t have it down pat either, but this is how I manage while on the road. So far, so good!



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