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All About that Food…No Trouble!

on January 10, 2015

I took some pics of my food that I mentioned in my last post!


All the food I managed to cram into my luggage.

I also wanted to show how I managed to bring it and talk about a few “tools” I forgot to mention.


Kind Bars...All Kinds! Bahaha


My Secret Weapons!

Okay, so let’s talk about those cool looking pics. I brought ALL the Kind bars in my carry-on because they were the only item I was positive could go through the security checkpoint. By putting them in my carry-on, I lessened the weight of my checked bag which was weighed down with all my other food! I obviously love Kind Bars and I LOVE the savory protein ones. The Jalapeño flavor is stellar.

And the seasonings! So I mentioned my mini sriracha bottle, which I got from my lovely mother for Christmas. You could obviously bring a larger bottle, but this mini one makes it more portable and accessible! You can even put it in your carry-on. The powdery looking thing next to it? It’s actually a pill divider and I filled it with pink Himalayan salt, black pepper, garlic powder, etc. This makes spices portable! My mom found this little trick and now I never travel without it- even if it’s just a day trip!

Also, this is more information about those salmon meals I mentioned.



I mean, they speak for themselves. I should be an ambassador for this brand. I just love them so much!

And now, the tools of the trade!



To the left of both pics is my awesome Oster Smoothie blender. This is a cheaper version of a nutra-bullet but it works SPLENDIDLY! You blend and drink your smoothie in the same bottle. It has a blade that can handle oats, whole nuts, and even ice! It is pretty lightweight for a blender and it tucked nicely into a corner of my suitcase.
Below that are these awesome reusable plastic snack bags my mom found from TJ Max. They are easy to clean and allow me to buy full sized snacks, store them in my big suitcase, and portion them for the day in the baggies. They also are very cute and lightweight.

I also have pictured a Tupperware that has different sections and a little steamer hole so I can steam veggies in the microwave. I like to transfer my leftovers into this so I can microwave in this safe dish versus the Styrofoam they usually give out at restaurants. The little compartments also help me keep different dishes separate if I have multiple dishes. The compartments aren’t necessary but I really like them. I really prefer glass Pyrex for storage and microwaving, but for touring, plastic is the obvious choice, as it’s lightweight and easy to clean.

I also brought a spill proof coffee cup because coffee/tea/caffeine is life. That’s all I have to say about that.

If I haven’t bored you enough, let me explain how I tour and organize all this food! Okay, so I leave the majority of my food in my big suitcase, which I generally keep in our tour van. I put one or two days worth of snacks and food into a small tote bag and put it into whichever vehicle I’m in that day. I suggest double bagging your liquid items because they would be a biotch to clean if they opened in your bag!



Yayyyy! Food!!! Today was our first day off on tour so we went to brunch and just relaxed. We are currently in St.Louis! We might even be going to a blues club tonight?

Next post- Our first venue (Wisconsin) and more on our week in Missouri! Also, I’m going to be doing a quick post on traveling light on the road. I learned from the first leg that less is definitely more on tour. Ha! I rhymed!



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