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On The Road Again…January!

on January 31, 2015

So despite my fierce commitment to this blog, I have continued to put off yet another post. Why, you might ask? Well, as much as I love sharing my whereabouts, I also have just been trying to enjoy each day for what it is, in the moment. I also have found that, again, touring is freaking exhausting! I will say though, that this go around, I have been feeling much better than I did on leg 1, despite the fact that our drives and traveling are much more extensive this time. My mom got a trial of The Daily Burn, and it has saved my life! Even if I only do a quickie 15 minute workout, I feel better, especially when we are sitting in the car all day. It still isn’t a “daily” burn for me, since sleep oftentimes trumps exercise, but it has definitely improved my mood and my body feels stronger.

As for where we have been….I am going to give a slightly truncated version, because we have been all over. So, our first stop was the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center in Appleton Wisconsin. What a lovely and inviting venue. The stage was ginormous- It tends to host almost all of the big national tours like Book of Mormon and The Addams Family, as well as Theaterworks and ArtsPower productions. We even got to sign the wall, which was super amazing! It was freezing cold when we arrived and we actually left in a blizzard (I drove the box truck with finesse). Talk about a dramatic start to our tour.

After that we made our way to St.Louis, where we stayed for a week. We had 17 shows in one week. 17!!!!!! Granted, our shows are only about an hour, but if you figure Broadway does 8 shows a week at approxiametly 2 hours a piece, they are doing 16 hours of shows per week. We did 17 hours that week and this chick can’t call in her understudy when she is tired! So yeah. Just for comparison. As for the city of St.Louis, we didn’t really get to experience it much since our hotel was on the outskirts, but some of the highlights included a cool university area with trendy shops and really delicious sushi. We also went to the science museum which was cool despite the fact that science was definitely not one of my favorite school subjects. Also, fyi, in St Louis, all of the public museums are free, so I highly suggest checking them out. Lastly, we capped our trip off with a visit to the famous City Museum which is something I can’t quite explain. What I will say is that it is a child’s dream and will bring out the kid in you almost immediately. This place is an architectural masterpiece that includes hundred of tunnels, caves, and structures that allow you to climb, slide, play, and explore. There are slides hidden throughout the venue and they even have an art room and firepit if you get sick of running around like a maniac. I can’t explain what it was, but I can say, it was one of the most amazing experiences I have had on tour. I did have a few moments of panic since I am slightly claustrophobic, but once I just let loose and took on the adventure, I had an amazing time.

To summarize. St.Louis was meh, EXCEPT for City Museum. We did a ton of shows. And then we left.
Typical #tourlife

After that, we trekked to Decorah Iowa and stayed in this amazing, historic hotel for one night. We had dinner at the hotel restaurant and I had the most delicious Iowa pork chop. There is no picture because it was so good I couldn’t help myself from devouring it. We performed the next day at Luther College and the staff and crew there were so freaking sweet, I couldn’t take it! They gave us free coffee mugs and told us they wanted to “shower us with love”. I mean, I don’t long for religion in my life, but I seriously (i.e. not really) considered converting to go to this school. I am sure they have a grad program in human kindness or something that I could partake in. I mean, they do that so well! Haha, anywho, the venue itself was a bit of a problem as the stage hands were inexperienced and the floor was crazy slippery, but otherwise, we had a lovely time there.

Also, the town of Decorah is so cute. I definitely want to come back to this small town. Madeline and I stopped into the co-op (which if you don’t know, they are my FAVORITE) and found some awesome local snacks. Go visit Decorah. You won’t be disappointed.

Next, we went to Indianopolis, which honestly, I don’t quite remember. We had a crazy long drive from Decorah to Indianopolis with a time change and a 6am load in the next day, so we were all pretty sleep deprived. I just remember the venue was one of the biggest we have played, like 2200 seats or something? Quite nutty.

Then we took a few days and drove all the way to Bend Oregon. That drive. Wow. I have never seen such beautiful mountains in my life! That drive was absolutely delightful. And then when we got to Bend, our hotel was magnificent, with our balconies overlooking the Deschutes river that was right outside our rooms! We even took a mini nature hike and it was great. The town was also very quaint and again everyone was very kind (hopefully this is a reocurring thing this leg?). We had dinner at the Deschutes Brewing Company and I indulged in their very own gluten free beer (made from rice) and an elk burger on their homemade gluten free bun with thyme roasted shallots and gruyere cheese. I also got some amazing pork tacos as an app (which were HUGE). I was incredibly happy, especially since I had so many options. Also, their house brewed beers were $3….THREE FREAKING DOLLARS! Yeah, so Oregon is officially my new favorite.

After that, we went to Modesto California which was interesting. Our stage was fantastic and very large and the shows went very well. Some people went to get In N Out burgers, but a few of us went thrifting instead, and I got these amazing dusty blue cowboy boots and another cool leather jacket. And some wedges…okay, so I love to thrift! Afterwards, we found this super authentic taqueria and I got some of the best carnitas tacos ever. Other than that though, Modesto was kind of meh.

Yesterday we traveled from Modesto to Arizona. It was pretty easy and uneventful except for the fact that Regan and I (who were in the truck) stopped in this awesome little town call Tehachapi and had lunch at this divey 1950s burger joint called Spot Burger. We also got a sweet treat from this german bakery. I got a chocolate dipped macaroon that was so light and fluffy and he got a cinnamon-y bear claw. Very appropriate to our characters! Anyway, that evening, once we made it to Arizona, we went to this place called Redneck’s Southern Pit BBQ and it did not disappoint. I had really good pulled pork and the BEST coleslaw I have had on tour. If you know me, then you know I freaking live for coleslaw. If you didn’t know, now you do. The potato salad was also pretty tasty. And it was cheap. So all in all, a great dinner after a long day of travel.

And now we are on the road! We are on day 2 of travel to Forrest City Arkansas. Today we are going from that little town in Arizona to Albequerque. I can’t believe January is almost over! And yet, it feels like we have been touring forever. It is very weird. Time is spacey on tour. Thanks for reading! I’ll be posting once we settle in Arkansas. We are thinking about visiting Memphis on our day off since it is really close to Forrest City. Any suggestions of what to see/do and most importantly EAT?


p.s. pictures to come!


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