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It’s My Party!

Hello! Coming at you from yet another coffee shop. This time I’m at Taszo on 157th and Broadway, sipping my basic vanilla latte, as I do. It is absolutely gorgeous out which means I will be spending some time before work lounging in Central Park. Again, I am just the most basic and I do not care!

In other news, I turned 23 on Wednesday! Happy Birthday to me! I had a few days off from work so I decided to be spontaneous and hop on a bus to Philly to spend my birthday with my boyfriend. We had a lovely few days which mostly centered around food and fun. On Tuesday, we galavanted through the city, eating our way from Federal Donuts on 18th and Sansom to the Reading Terminal Market on 13th and Filbert. I ate SO MUCH that day. Delectable fried chicken, donuts (oh the donuts), a killer grilled cheese, and spectacular coffee. It was a smorgasbord full of food and love. Other than our food tour of Philly (guided by ME) we just relaxed and had some time with his family. All in all, a great mini birthday vacay. I still intend to do something small with some of my NYC friends later next week (tea date anyone?) so hit me up if you are around! I’m thinking something lowkey and relaxing.

Some other happenings- before hopping on that spontaneous bus to Philly, I actually got seen at the Pippin Equity Tour audition. It was incredibly dead so I got in and seen within five minutes of arriving at Telsey. An okay audition, nothing to write home about, but fun. I also saw one of my Cherubs from a few years back (talking about you Delaney!) which was a nice little surprise. It made me miss my Cherub family. I hope to go back and teach in a few summers, because it is the most AMAZING genius theater mecca ever! Tyrant over.

Other than that, my life has been pretty bland lately. I started working at a restaurant by Columbus Circle, which is anything but boring! I am hostessing and loving it. The staff is great, the clientele is awesome, and the food is delicious. I really like the fast pace of it all and having a consistent job is quite nice. So I guess that isn’t bland…but other than that, I really am just waiting for my boyfriend to move in (MONDAY). I am auditioning whenever possible and working working working!

That’s all folks. Hopefully I’ll get to cooking again soon or perhaps I’ll share some of my tips on how to save when you are living in a city, particularly NYC. I have a knack for saving, which is essential when you live in one of the most expensive cities in the country.

Alright, that’s all folks. Thanks for reading!


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Live in Living Color!

If you know what musical that title stems from, you get a cookie! Nahh, just playing. I am a crappy baker.

I digress. Look at this. Yet another few months have flown by sans blogging. Le sigh. No excuses. I am just busy and NEED to prioritize this blog. Why must you prioritize writing this blog Dionna? Give yourself some slack. Well friends, writing like this gives me piece of mind and helps me sort out my neverending thoughts. When I do it, I love it. In elementary school, I actually wanted to write for a magazine for a while. Writing is a hobby of mine and even though it isn’t as important as it used to be for me, I want to get back to doing it on the reg. Because doing it on the reg is absolutely essential for a sane mind, am I right or AM I RIGHT?

Please excuse my awful innuendo jokes. If you missed it Dad, please just read on and don’t turn back.

So I don’t know what I last blogged about but here’s where I am at now. Literally. I am at this cute little coffee house called Cafe Buunni. It is hella tiny, but it is air conditioned and the coffee is pretty spot on. I like to support local business when I can, so I walked the extra 20 minutes to Cafe Buunni to try it out. I had to buy a croissant to be at the credit card minimum of $5 which was fine, but the croissant is only okay. A little chewy, but tasty nonetheless. They use fair trade, organic coffee which I thoroughly support, so all in all, a nice little cafe. It has a communal table, a small window bench seat, and then a tiny coffee bar with 3 stools, which is where I am currently residing with my teeny tiny tablet, typing away. They are playing good music and the cafe itself is very quiet. I imagine in the afternoons it is a little louder, but I currently appreciate the solace.

So that is quite literally where I am at. Let’s dig deeper, shall we? I just now realized that It has been just over 4 months since I have moved to NYC. How time flies! I wasn’t super present in May and June because I worked a crazy amount of hours with my catering company. It was rough but also necessary because now this month has been thoroughly dead. It should pick up again by the end of summer, but right now the events are scarce. I also went on a ton of great mini vacays in May and June. My boyfriend and I visited each other back and forth between NYC and Philly. He is moving to NYC at the end of this month and I am beyond excited. We are moving in together which might sound like a big step, but I am so ready. I am so done with long distance, you have no idea. It actually was fantastic for our relationship and I wouldn’t change a thing about our journey as a couple, but after doing it for quite some time, I am ready to see my babe every day.

I went on a mini vacation with my dear to his Pop’s house in Cape May which was delightful. It rained one day while we were there, which might have sucked, but it didn’t because my love and I used it as a movie day! The next day was beautiful so we headed to the beach and the outdoor mall. It was a perfect mini getaway. My boyfriend then came up to my house in the Poconos for the Fourth of July, which was full of food, family, and a whole lot of relaxation. I surprised him with a kayak trip down the Delaware river. My family doesn’t own kayaks, so I enlisted my father to help me out. He found a friend who had some kayaks and he let us borrow them for the weekend. My dad had to trade his old volunteer firefighter gear, but he was looking to get rid of it, so it all worked out nicely. Thanks dad!

That’s pretty much it on the social front. I did go out with my roomie (and one of my best friends) Kelsey for her birthday Saturday. We had a FULL day of yoga, relaxing in central park, and then partying in the eve. The yoga class was supposed to be relaxing, but real time, it was like bootcamp yoga- hella hard and not that relaxing. But you know what? We had fun and it was a nice challenge, plus it doubled as our workout for the day. Not too shabby. We had a light, peaceful lunch in central park and then we headed home to primp for dinner and drinks on the town. We went to a place on the water in the Heights called La Marina. It was fun- lots of peach sangria and free tequila shots. Afterwards we headed to a bar downtown for drinks. I drank too much- free shots were flowing and it was rough. But I had fun regardless. We also had some nice company that ended up footing the bill unexpectedly. Happy Birthday Kels! Worth the nasty hangover 🙂

So that’s the personal stuff. As for more professional news, I am currently looking and interviewing for other part-time jobs. That rent isn’t going to make itself! I have a few things in the works so I will update y’all on that when things are a bit more solidified.

As for my real profession, I am feeling very good about the last few auditions I have done. I have a great voice teacher that is really helping me fill the holes in my songbook and stretch myself to be more than I thought possible. It is refreshing and exciting, and it makes me giddy! Auditions are slow since it’s the summer, but I have been frequenting a ton of EPAs whenever possible. I actually got seen at 3 different EPAs in one day last week. I hardly had to wait at any of them and I felt that I did my best at every single one. They were all incredibly different too. I started by going to the Elf Tour EPA, which wasn’t even on my agenda for the day. I got there and was taken into the room moments after I settled into the waiting area. It was perfect. I went in and sang “Happy Working Song” from Enchanted. I felt really focused and surprisingly not nervous. I actually was more nervous when the casting director started asking about my violin experience! Either way, I felt very good about what I put out there and I am thrilled that I was seen by that casting director. She saw me the first month I was in NYC and I absolutely BOMBED that audition, so I am very happy she saw me on a better day.

Later that same day, after a voice lesson, I went to the Spring Awakening EPA at Telsey. I felt great about my performance but they weren’t crazy responsive. I was sad because only one of the two casting associates were there. Oh well, I was just happy to be seen. Lastly, I headed back to the Equity building to be seen for The Arden Theatre Company’s production of The Secret Garden. If you know me, then you know I worked for the Arden my junior and senior years of college, first as an intern and then as a teaching artist. I still love the company, so I was happy that I was able to go in and see familiar faces in the audition room. I tried out a new song that I had been practicing in my voice lessons and I did it well. I don’t know if I am a perfect fit for that show, but regardless, I was happy that I got to perform for someone familiar. I think I have grown a lot since I last worked at the Arden so I was thrilled to show them my progress.

Oh, and after that I had the most lovely coffee date at a great cafe with my lovely friend from tour, Miss Madeline. It was the perfect end to my crazy but rewarding day! Also, I had the best latte of my life. Seriously. Go to Taszo on 157th and Broadway. It is magical.

And that is what’s up kids. I haven’t been cooking too much in the last month just because of work and what not. I also got a crazy stomach bug (or something?) so I wasn’t eating much variety. I have been feeling much better since I visited my home in the Pocs so I am back to cooking up a storm despite the crazy NYC heat. I might post a recipe in the next few days, but who knows.

I really am trying to make this blog a habit. I will blog. I will. I WILL!!!

Okay, so that’s it for now folks! Stay cool kids 🙂

xoxo D

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