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It’s My Party!

on July 24, 2015

Hello! Coming at you from yet another coffee shop. This time I’m at Taszo on 157th and Broadway, sipping my basic vanilla latte, as I do. It is absolutely gorgeous out which means I will be spending some time before work lounging in Central Park. Again, I am just the most basic and I do not care!

In other news, I turned 23 on Wednesday! Happy Birthday to me! I had a few days off from work so I decided to be spontaneous and hop on a bus to Philly to spend my birthday with my boyfriend. We had a lovely few days which mostly centered around food and fun. On Tuesday, we galavanted through the city, eating our way from Federal Donuts on 18th and Sansom to the Reading Terminal Market on 13th and Filbert. I ate SO MUCH that day. Delectable fried chicken, donuts (oh the donuts), a killer grilled cheese, and spectacular coffee. It was a smorgasbord full of food and love. Other than our food tour of Philly (guided by ME) we just relaxed and had some time with his family. All in all, a great mini birthday vacay. I still intend to do something small with some of my NYC friends later next week (tea date anyone?) so hit me up if you are around! I’m thinking something lowkey and relaxing.

Some other happenings- before hopping on that spontaneous bus to Philly, I actually got seen at the Pippin Equity Tour audition. It was incredibly dead so I got in and seen within five minutes of arriving at Telsey. An okay audition, nothing to write home about, but fun. I also saw one of my Cherubs from a few years back (talking about you Delaney!) which was a nice little surprise. It made me miss my Cherub family. I hope to go back and teach in a few summers, because it is the most AMAZING genius theater mecca ever! Tyrant over.

Other than that, my life has been pretty bland lately. I started working at a restaurant by Columbus Circle, which is anything but boring! I am hostessing and loving it. The staff is great, the clientele is awesome, and the food is delicious. I really like the fast pace of it all and having a consistent job is quite nice. So I guess that isn’t bland…but other than that, I really am just waiting for my boyfriend to move in (MONDAY). I am auditioning whenever possible and working working working!

That’s all folks. Hopefully I’ll get to cooking again soon or perhaps I’ll share some of my tips on how to save when you are living in a city, particularly NYC. I have a knack for saving, which is essential when you live in one of the most expensive cities in the country.

Alright, that’s all folks. Thanks for reading!



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