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I think I’m too quirky for Disney…

Hello, how are you?
It’s so typical of me to talk about myself I’m sorry
I hope that you’re well

I had to. I have no control, especially when it comes to Adele. The baby I babysit likes when I sing it, which means I obviously have to sing it whenever humanely possible. HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDEEEEEEEEE!

I am not apologizing. What I am doing, however, is finally writing a freaking blog post, because it has been, you know, only 4 months or so since my last one. Consistency is key my friends, key. Notes on how to be a great blogger from yours truly.

So what spurred this blog post? A couple of solid, but mediocre auditions. The mediocrity stems from a couple of things. I feel like I finally have material that rocks and shows me off perfectly, and yet I haven’t been able to fully trust myself with it in the audition room. I am confident and prepared, but as soon as the accompaniment begins, I seem to lose focus or just plain get spooked by the material. Do you know what this means my friends? I think it just means that I need to continue to use the materials until it finally clicks, every single time. Easier said than done. I always considered myself a fantastic auditionee, but lately I feel like a novice! I guess that goes to show you what a couple of weeks of inconsistent auditioning can do! If you don’t stretch those muscles, you will never become flexible, ya feel me?

I think another reason I am feeling a bit mediocre is because I am trying to fit a mold that just doesn’t fit quite right. I went to a Disney call today since they were searching for Rapunzel (Hello, Tangled is THE BEST princess EVER!) and the breakdown implied a feistier, more interesting princess than the cookie cutter idea so many people attach to Disney. That being said, as I sat in the audition holding room, I couldn’t help but feel like a Frenchie rather than a Sandy. Or a Regina instead of a Sherrie. Or a Lady Edith instead of a Lady Mary (though I feel more like Lady Rose or Tom than anyone else, but that’s besides the point). The truth is I am much too quirky for those calls. I need to either become princess material or really hone in on my quirk, because let’s be real, nothing is worse than being in the middle. Let’s band together to stop mediocrity! Embrace the crazy (or sanity) you possess! Let’s make bigger, better, and more specific choices! That’s my goal for the rest of this audition season.

Now, all that being said, I think my auditions today were pretty good. And honestly, part of my trouble is that I need to stop giving a shit about the girls in the holding room anyway. Who gives a hoot if everyone is a Jackie and I’m a Marilyn?

So that was my day. Auditions galore! I also have some fun news. I will be doing a couple of shows in Michigan this early spring! Official news will go out on my website soon, but I’m really excited to be working for a small theater company that’s providing quality theater to a town that might not have access to it otherwise. And I am going to be doing a play AND a musical! I am embarrassed to say that I haven’t done a full-length musical since my junior year of college, which was about 4 years ago (AGHHHHH!). I am very happy to be getting out of the city for a couple of months, even if I am heading to the tundra that is Michigan.

I bought some really delicious apples this week. Lady Alice apples are legitimately better than Honeycrisps. I wanted to share the wealth of apple knowledge to the people I love most.

I bid you adieu! Eat some apples!




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