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Howdy ho. What a crazy few weeks it has been. Lots of working at my survival job, getting accustomed to living with my boyfriend, and trying to audition.

Yes I said trying to audition. I got a killer cold this week and it lingered all weekend, which made me cancel an appointment and opt out of a few EPAs. It stunk. Ya know, as much as I love theater, it can be a pain in the ass to get the will to even audition, especially when you have like 10,000 obstacles just to do so. I am not complaining but it is just crazy to me that I have to wake up at the crack of ass just to get on a list to POSSIBLY audition. And if I am under the weather? Forget about it!

Now I am still pretty sniffly, but I did manage to go to an EPA for a play today and was seen almost immediately. It was glorious. And even though I know that isn’t the norm, it raised my spirits and put me in a better mood for the future auditions I have this week. Also, I have found that I do better when I just go in and do whatever the hell I want…within reason of course. For example, today I went in for a play that I am not 100% right for but could feasibly do. It was a crime drama and the theater asked for a brief contemporary monologue. Now, I could’ve just not gone because I don’t really have a super appropriate monologue. But I went anyway. Ya know why? Because I knew I could show myself off in a positive light and even if my material wasn’t exactly what they were looking for, I figure they can at least get an idea of what I can do as an artist for this project and others in the future.

I have found since moving to NYC that playing it safe is not a solid option. My advice to young, new actors is to just do what you want to do- Fuck the rest. Sorry, but if you wanna go in and sing an obscure folk song for a season audition because it speaks to you and what you can bring to a stage, I say do it. It shows that you are bold, fearless, and interesting. If I have material that I love and it fits the audition requirements, then yay! But if not, I might still go and just do my best/favorite/awesomest song because why the hell not?

Ranting in a Starbucks. I am le classy. It smells like pizza in here. Not fair.

That’s really all I wanna write about today. I could tell you about the awesome Vietnamese food I had the other day at this amazing hole in the wall, but I promised my boyfriend that I would keep it a secret! This place is too good to share…like so good we contemplated going THE FOLLOWING DAY. I kind of want to go tonight…that’s seriously how good it is. But alas, it is a secret I must keep!

That’s all folks! Stay cool 😉


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